Trading Week in Review May 28th – June 1st

Going to be on a reduced posting schedule going forward, I will still have in depth reviews every once in a while, but mainly will be keeping track of stats/PnL with weekly reviews.

I know what must be done in my trading now, I must follow the framework and have confidence… that’s really what successful trading boils down to.

Trading Week in Review May 28th – June 1st


PnL Summary:

May 28th: $0, no trades

May 29th: $12.50

May 30th: $0, no trades

May 31st: $75.00

June 1st: $0, no trades

– – – –

Weekly Total: $87.50

(May 21st-25th weekly total: ($37.50))

– – – –

Total since starting (May 13th 2016): $437.50


Lessons/Things to work on:

  1. Trade management
    1. Creating profitable outliers
    2. Know risk/stop, then don’t interfere
    3. Don’t act on the trade unless price forces an act
      1. Level broken
      2. Stop hit
      3. Lak: Hold trades until the point at which price “loses progress on the trade”
    4. Levels, SLA
  2. Enter trades at support and resistance
    1. Focus on price- FOLLOW THE FRAMEWORK
    2. Find high impact prices/levels
      1. Higher timeframe levels
        1. Major S/R
        2. Leg Starts
      2. Shift away from trading the lower timeframes
    3. Long at support
    4. Short at resistance
    5. Enter as close to the ‘decision’ point as possible
    6. Be in position to take advantage of the higher timeframe moves
    7. Scenario Planning
    9. Auction Process
  3. More value from each session
    1. More contracts
    2. More trades
    3. Capture the opportunity each session provides
  4. Mindset
    1. Market/trade unknowable, my strategy/mindset knowable
    2. Focus on implementing the execution/management strategy
    3. Winning mindset/attitude
    4. Trading Mindfully/Active Interruption
    5. Trading: The Video Game
    6. See the trade, take the trade
    7. Other Traders’ Perceptions


Grover Washington takes us into the weekend with Just The Two Of Us.

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  2. August 10, 2018

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