Trade Review: ES Futures 5/17/18

Trade Review

Today ranks as one of the best sessions I’ve had since starting

E-mini S&P 500 Futures (@ES)

ES Daily:

ES Daily

ES 120m:

ES 120m


Came into the session looking for 17/18s to hold for higher (potentially 40+ breaking out of the triangle on the daily) and I get long twice right on the open and end up closing both for small/contained losses. Once out of those two longs, price drops to 13/14 testing the previous range where it finds support and bounces hard. I should have gotten long around 16/17 once I “saw” what was happening, but I think because I was down around $200 already I didn’t want to keep digging a hole… I shrugged off that idea and get long (in a bad spot admittedly) looking for the breakout higher. Now that 17/18 was cleared, I watched and waited for it to hold as support and then price began to breakout/climb higher. This is the longest time duration and point total winner I have had since starting keeping stats with TraderVue.

I kept trading despite being down $200 and ended up with the largest winning trade.. really good session in terms of mindset. I cut the losses fairly quickly and did a great job on the hold, though obviously there is plenty of room for improvement. I feel like my winning trades holding is getting better and better with each session now.

ES Trades

ES Set Up


  1. New largest gain
  2. Average winning hold time increasing
  3. Average losing hold time decreasing
  4. Stats are generally going in the right direction now

Day’s PnL: $12.50


Wrap up

Very excited about how my winning trade hold times are increasing and about how the mindset/psychology is feeling when in winning trades… it is getting markedly easier. Still lots to improve on in terms of execution, but I feel like I’m making the turn in my trading.

Thank you for reading the review!

If you have any questions or comments about anything in this review, trading in general, or just want to say hi, please feel free to comment below. I look forward to hearing from you!

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