Monthly Archive:: July 2016

Trade Review: ES Futures 7/28/16

Trade Review Mixed bag of trades today (one great one, one great entry/terribly managed, and one bad one) but overall a great session. Hitting some of my goals today by trading a longer session, placing more trades, and not being afraid to trade and ...Read More

Pre-Market: July 28th

Pre-Market The chart above shows the current range bound activity in the market. The chart below shows measured move targets on a breakout of the range, along with a level at around 2138. 2190 and 2130 are 20 point targets from a breakout of ...Read More

Trade Review: ES Futures 7/25/16

Trade Review Completely misread the momentum and price action from pre market this morning, but still ended up having a decently profitable day. When the market is trending down and you are only taking long trades something is messed up, and the trick is ...Read More